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My goal is to satisfy my clients.  Customer is King they say. It's true!  To an extent of what I can possibly do without sacrificing my family time, I will make sure to do for my clients.  Please see what my clients say about YCP!

PARSA - SENIOR | Yangon, Myanmar

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Michelle - FAMILY | Yangon, Myanmar

When I first saw Yon’s portfolio on her website, I knew I had to ask her to help us take our family photos. Her pictures are well composed, well shot and everyone looked so natural.

She didn’t disappoint us. We are so happy with all our photos and we had a hard time choosing which ones to display at our home! She managed to capture all of our personalities and we looked natural and happy in the pictures. Yon is very easy to work with and we all felt at ease during the shoot.

I highly recommend Yon! She won’t disappoint.
— Michelle T.


RAGINI - FAMILY | Yangon, Myanmar

Ms. Yon, I just received your email about the photo gallery and ALL OF THE GROUP PICTURES LOOK AMAZING!! I am seriously at loss for words. You are absolutely INCREDIBLE and I mean it when I say that you are genuinely one of the nicest, most enthusiastic and sincere people I have ever come across. I loved every minute of working with you and I am so so so glad that I came across your Facebook page and was able to contact you to take our photos. I really cannot thank you enough for all your patience, time and the incredible amount of effort you put into this! It’s so nice to think that we’ll always have these wonderful photos to look back at, long after we have graduated - and we have you to thank for that. Once again - you are truly REMARKABLE. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
— Parsa A.

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Yon always surprises me with her photographic skills. Her professionalism is appreciable. I enjoyed the two photo shoots with her. She is very friendly with kids & sensitive to their needs during the shoot.
— Ragini M.

SOPHIE - FAMILY | Hong Kong                            //////////////SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE

We loved our photography session with Yon. Initially we were very skeptical as it was our very first family photo shoot. Yon guided us through from the start to finish - what we should wear, what to expect, and asked us what we were looking for. The photo shoot itself was actually good fun and both my husband and I said it was a lot better then we were expecting. Yon turned the photos around within a week and showed them to us and WOW - we were really impressed. She then guided us through what would work/not work (in our home). she made some really helpful suggestions around how we might best display them. Yon has a very gentle nature and is very knowledgeable. She managed to capture our family as us. We placed an order and Yon turned the order around very quickly. The whole experience was enjoyable and Yon is incredibly professional. I would recommend her in a flash.
— Sophie S.

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Our photo shoots with Yon not only captured precious memories but was also had a great time while making them! It was such a pleasant affirming experience to know that someone else appreciates and celebrates that meaningful occasion with you. The photographs were wonderful, not only did we get a ton of compliments on how they look, it also showed how we were feeling at the time. Yon somehow found artistry in our own lifestyle.

Thank you so much, Yon!
— Ting G.