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in.. transit

Wow...  We've completed an almost 18 hours of traveling and now re cooperating from the jet-lag.

This is probably the first time I am traveling with just the three children with out any extra special baby related items such as special snacks, strollers and carriers.  They were able to pack their special items.  I never even checked their bags but from what I've seen them take out, there were some books, pens and notebooks and as for the youngest, there were some blankies and soft animals.

I always never fail to pack the last minute.  I have list of "things to pack" but I never end up packing until the night before.  This is because most of the items I pack ARE the items I already use regulary.  That's why I'm always great-ful when the flight is not before 10am.  

It seems that most of the International flights have in-flight entertainment system, even for an economy class.  Thank goodness for those.  Kids were looking forward to spoiling and ruining their eyes with a non stop entertainment.  Of course, I tried to  make that read for first 30 minutes of the flight.  Then I didn't feel so guilty that they were starting at the screen for the rest of the flight...  

What I learned:

After 10 straight hours of watching movies, if you cut off that from them, they will give you a very very hard time.

Never assume the kids menu will be really kid-friendly...  my kids only had the buns..  nothing else on the plate was touched for the the whole flight

Your 8 year old will take a  place of your husband, and he will help you carry and roll tons of luggage when the airport makes you re-check your luggage when arriving in the states.

Don't expect much from a 5 year old other then carry his own stuff.

Sleeping on the plane when traveling with three kids is not nearly impossible... make sure they all start on a movie at the same time and they've gone to the toilet.  Now you have 1.5 hours of nap time.

I hope all of you have a wonderful summer.  This is just a beginning for us!

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