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Beginner's Photography Class was offered...

today!  It was my first official photography class EVER!  =)

I've always loved talking about it.   Every photographer has a preference.  Some like it darker.  Some like it a bit brighter.  Some like it just right.  whatever that means.

But being able to translate what you want, your vision and your creative mind and somehow be able to capture it and print it on paper.  That would be the ultimate final goal.

This class was just to teach them the tool.  The very basic.  Understanding the light triangle.  Understanding why in certain situations we need would raise this or lower that.  It takes so much thought and deliberate clicks to get what you want.

My students.  So eager and so much to learn.  They were the best! They were clicking and turning and pressing those buttons.  All in their manual mode.  It was exciting to finally know why we do what we do.  Why sometimes things are too bright sometimes turns black.  ah...  the mystery has been revealed.  Now they can play purposefully.  No.  They don't know EVERYTHING.  It's not automatic yet in their mind.  They will need to practice on their own in their own time.  But I've provided them the knowledge and the tools.  They can now adventure deeper.  I'm so excited for them!!!

Hopefully, I will be able to teach more.  Virignia, I am coming to you.  Learn you will!!! That camera sitting on your shelf unloved and untouched...  You will love it again!

Premier Northern Virginia Portrait Photographer teaching Basic Beginner's Photography class
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