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How to choose a professional portrait photographer Part One | McLean, VA Photographer

I understand.  The choices are overwhelming.  The range of prices are so big.  What kind or who is the right photographer for you?  Here is a series on what to look for and some pros and cons of common options out there.  Would love to hear your feed back so I can help you choose your professional portrait photographer.  

Part One: Your need

Evaluate exactly what you are looking for.  Are you looking for someone for a quick holiday photos?  Do you have a specific need?  Are you looking for a long term photographer, someone who will take time to get to knows you, your family, your kids and their quirks during the photo shoot?  Do options and choices overwhelm you?  Are your digital portraits sitting in your drawer or in the hard drive somewhere?  Do you need assistance?  Are you a diy'er?  Did you really print the portrait the way you wanted it from your last portrait session as you promised yourself?

Digital only photographers: This type of photographers are great for the diy'ers.  Do you enjoy taking your time to go online or visiting frame shops and going through every single choice and choosing the best value?  You like to add your special touches to everything you touch.  This gives you joy and pride.  This is type of photographer will give you what you need.  They will provide you with the base and it's up to you to get them to the final printed destination.

Full service photographer: This type of photographers will be perfect for those busy parents who's digital portraits have always been sitting in the drawers waiting to be printed and revealed.  You want your portraits on the walls but another soccer practice or catching up on sleep takes precedence because you stayed up all night running your business or taking care of your sick child. 

Full service photographer will take care of your portrait needs from beginning to the end.  Through consultation, they will find out what you needs are.  The portrait session will build around your need and the products offered will cater to that need.  You get to do the fun part and leave the rest of the leg work to the photographer.  You pick and choose among your portraits during the reveal session.  The photographer will help you with how to display them around your home and what the best options are.  All you have to do is wait for the final product to be delivered and displayed in your home.

Yon Chung Photographer is a full service photographer in McLean, VA.  You tell us what you need and we will make sure that happens and you will not need to lift a finger or stay up long hours designing an album or looking through millions of frame options.  You can be serviced at home during the consultations and orders.  Samples and options will be brought to you.  You deserve this.  You can be spoiled a tiny bit.

Coming up next: Part 2: Genre
Part 3: Budget

Kids just being kids!  Playing games with me and having a blast!

Kids just being kids!  Playing games with me and having a blast!

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