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Yon Chung Photography serves Fairfax County and Loudoun County in Virginia. Cities such as Falls Church, Arlington, McLean, Oakton, Vienna, Tysons Corner, McLean and more are served by family, children, couple, senior portrait photographer.

McLean VA Business Introductions: Windy Hill Collections

Yon Chung Realtor is featuring a new series called Local Business which features all Local businesses in and near McLean, VA

See the interview at www.yonchungrealtor.com or www.fineluxehomes.com

Pictures of the Windy Hill Collections. It was super fun to do a photoshoot be with my friend Nancy Bao, who is the co-owner of Windy Hill Collections. She is the most kind, generous, wise woman I know and I love being around her!!! I hope you will all get a chance to meet her as well.

Windy Hill Collections Santas list

Windy Hill Collections Santas list

Beautiful details on each individual Santas from Windy Hill Collections

Snow White Santa by Windy Hill Collections

Snow White Santa by Windy Hill Collections

Windy Hill Collections poured with love by the two local owners in McLean VA

Windy Hill Collections poured with love by the two local owners in McLean VA

9 Month Baby Portraiture in Confluence Park - Yon Chung Photography - Loudoun County Photographer

9 Month Baby Portraiture

I had a chance to take portraits for absolutely adorable Baby A!  We were at the Confluence Park in Ashburn VA.  We walked quite a bit to find a perfect place.  It may not look so pretty in person, but the light was beautiful and the mom was happy with all the green and pretty light around Baby A.  

Ashburn VA baby photographer - 9 month old - Natural park - Loudoun County - Yon Chung Photography

Yon Chung Photography takes picture of an adorable 9 month old baby as a baby portrait photographer in Ashburn VA in Loudoun county.  

Pet Portrait - McLean VA, Fairfax County - Yon Chung Photography

We had a short photo session with adorable pets and this is one from the session.  How sharp and adorable is this little one?  

Make sure you get your portrait done of your beloved one!

McLean VA photographer in Fairfax County for your pet portraiture.

Pet portrait photographer - Yon Chung Photography located in McLean VA Fairfax county

Fairfax County photographer, Yon Chung, caters to busy families who appreciate catered photography service.

Artistic Enhancement - Portraiture

Hello Families!

I just wanted to show you the steps I go through to complete the final Portrait product.

All these steps need to be taken in order to have the final Yon Chung Photography signature stamp of approval. 

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How to choose a professional portrait photographer Part Two | McLean, VA Photographer

We discussed your needs or more what you are naturally inclined to when it comes to getting things done or prioritizing.  This post will discuss the types of photographers out there that specialize and don't specialize in different services/genres.

Part Two : Genre

Family? Couple? Wedding? Infant? professional headshots? There are so many photographers out there that specialize in only specific genre of portrait photography.   Some do it all.  There are pros and cons to both. 

Every genre requires a special technique that you may need to master with practice and education.  I imagine studio head shots to be very different from child portraiture or lifestyle natural light photographer.  There are some things only those veterans know by just doing it over and over again.  Specialized portrait photographers probably have seen a lot during their practice and probably have gone through different circumstances and remedies.  

The photographers who do it all from weddings to birth are perfect if you have a lot of different needs and you don't want to bother looking for another professional.  Imagine going to a mall and getting everything in one place.  The downside is if they haven't been in a business for very long, they haven't really had much time to develop a expertise in that genre you will be serviced in.

There are a few who pick and choose some genre to cater to their clients.  For example, YCP will rarely do events, weddings or posed infant portraits.  YCP will however do family portraits, children/tween portraits, lifestyle head shots for working parents as well as senior portraits.  YCP services the needs of a busy family but does not claim to be the master of all trades that exist in the portrait world.  I think to be great at a few related genres are a good compromise between two types of photographers.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

On a side note, I will be introducing small businesses around McLean VA.  There are some amazing people that provide services/goods to our neighborhood and I thought it would be nice to make this neighborhood a smaller place.

Coming up next:  Your budget
Your Need

Yon Chung Photographer McLean VA.jpg

Yon Chung Photographer is Great Falls VA photographer who specializes in custom portraiture for Fairfax County and Loudoun County families.

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Photographer, Oakton VA Photographer, Vienna VA Photographer, Falls Church VA Photographer, Tysonscorner VA Photographer, Family portrait photographer, 
Children portrait photographer 

How to choose a professional portrait photographer Part One | McLean, VA Photographer

I understand.  The choices are overwhelming.  The range of prices are so big.  What kind or who is the right photographer for you?  Here is a series on what to look for and some pros and cons of common options out there.  Would love to hear your feed back so I can help you choose your professional portrait photographer.  

Part One: Your need

Evaluate exactly what you are looking for.  Are you looking for someone for a quick holiday photos?  Do you have a specific need?  Are you looking for a long term photographer, someone who will take time to get to knows you, your family, your kids and their quirks during the photo shoot?  Do options and choices overwhelm you?  Are your digital portraits sitting in your drawer or in the hard drive somewhere?  Do you need assistance?  Are you a diy'er?  Did you really print the portrait the way you wanted it from your last portrait session as you promised yourself?

Digital only photographers: This type of photographers are great for the diy'ers.  Do you enjoy taking your time to go online or visiting frame shops and going through every single choice and choosing the best value?  You like to add your special touches to everything you touch.  This gives you joy and pride.  This is type of photographer will give you what you need.  They will provide you with the base and it's up to you to get them to the final printed destination.

Full service photographer: This type of photographers will be perfect for those busy parents who's digital portraits have always been sitting in the drawers waiting to be printed and revealed.  You want your portraits on the walls but another soccer practice or catching up on sleep takes precedence because you stayed up all night running your business or taking care of your sick child. 

Full service photographer will take care of your portrait needs from beginning to the end.  Through consultation, they will find out what you needs are.  The portrait session will build around your need and the products offered will cater to that need.  You get to do the fun part and leave the rest of the leg work to the photographer.  You pick and choose among your portraits during the reveal session.  The photographer will help you with how to display them around your home and what the best options are.  All you have to do is wait for the final product to be delivered and displayed in your home.

Yon Chung Photographer is a full service photographer in McLean, VA.  You tell us what you need and we will make sure that happens and you will not need to lift a finger or stay up long hours designing an album or looking through millions of frame options.  You can be serviced at home during the consultations and orders.  Samples and options will be brought to you.  You deserve this.  You can be spoiled a tiny bit.

Coming up next: Part 2: Genre
Part 3: Budget

Kids just being kids!  Playing games with me and having a blast!

Kids just being kids!  Playing games with me and having a blast!

McLean VA Photographer, Arlington VA Photographer, Great Falls VA Photographer, Oakton VA Photographer, Vienna VA Photographer, Falls Church VA Photographer, Tysonscorner VA Photographer, Family portrait photographer, Children portrait photographer 

Visit to Philadelphia, City of brotherly love

I have a special place in my heart for Philadelphia.  This is where I spent my youth.  I made my life long friends.  We are no longer there though...  It's very close to Washington DC but it's a twohour drive.  and I hate driving.  =(

We were invited to a family wedding and what a great reason to visit Philadelphia!   We got to stay in the city and explore which is a treat as we normally stayed in the burbs.  =)

Seeing the sites and being able to scoot around, play chess, and getting some family portraits done.  Multi-tasking I tell ya.



Yon Chung PHotography Northern Virginia McLean Photographer.png

This moment can be forever in McLean, Tysons Corner, Vienna Virginia

Yes!  A Photo can bring so many memories!  Do you know you could move to a different continent and have 10 years pass but when you open that album or look at that photo on the wall, you remember a lot of things that happened around that time?

How you were feeling, how your child was cranky, what made her laugh, what was important to her, why that location was special, what we did after, how we prepared, what we did while we were waiting for the photographer and so on.

A single image can let you relive your past.  That moment will last forever  You could argue any image will do but there's something special about a professional photo.  How the subject pop in beautiful color and the background disappearing just to let the child stand out.  The perfect moment that capture the smile or even the inquisitive turn and etc.

Do not delay  Book your shoot now by McLean VA photographer!  go to Contact and let me know what you are looking for!

Photo session can be as special and personal as you want it to be.  Don't delay as today will pass when tomorrow comes.

McLean VA Photographer, Yon Chung Photography, takes beautiful children's portraits at your home or outdoors. 

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