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Love is...

Did everyone have a great Valentine's Day yesterday??
I don't know if it's because I'm getting old or I'm such a no-nonsense type of person..
or maybe because my husband was too busy with work
I really didn't care that it was V- Day...
I mean really WHAT is a Valentine's Day??

I know a lot of holidays have special meaning though they can be quite commercial as well.
But V Day??

Well, I didn't REALLY care UNTIL..

My kids brought me their little cards

It mattered to my kids.
They took their time to tell me how much they loved me.
How much I mean to them.

My kids can be quite... challenging.
They have so many needs and wants... ALL AT THE SAME TIME ALL THREE OF THEM~!

But no matter how imperfect (and I'm very far from perfect), they look at me in my eyes and tell me how much them love me.  "From the sky to the ground"

Then I think God's love is just like this, if not more.
Sure, they know I'm not perfect and don't like it when I get cranky.
But even through it all they love me unconditionally.
I love them but they love me more and I know God loves me even more.

Well today was just one of those days...  I had one of those moments...