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Lost and Found

I had a great time at the Day 2 of the Social Media Week HK!

I met a lot of established bloggers, starting to explore social media people, and heard from great speakers who are experts in this area.  More to come later, but first I wanted to give a shout out to a bus driver..

It was quite crazy afterwards with picking up the kids, lugging tons of bags, having lunch at 3pm...

By the time I walked over to my bag to retrieve my camera to send some pics off, I was slowing realizing that..


I was so in denial.  I couldn't have!  It's always either in my had or on my lap!

I called City Bust Hotline hoping and praying that they will somehow retrieve my camera.
My kids on the side giving extra boost of prayer.

By now, it had been 40 minutes after I had left the bus already.

On the other line they lady asked me for the model name and color.

She said that she "CAN find it".  She then asked when I can come by and pick it up.
Of course as soon as you find it!  BUT SHE DID!!

The bus driver already handed it in!!

Can you imagine the joy!?!?!?  oh my goodness.

I knew I love HK already but my goodness, this the second time we lost something and found it.

Are these the most amazing people???

Here's the pic of the bus driver who found it and handed it in.

THANK YOU!!!  and AMEN for the honest people like him living in Hong Kong~!!