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This moment can be forever in McLean, Tysons Corner, Vienna Virginia

Yes!  A Photo can bring so many memories!  Do you know you could move to a different continent and have 10 years pass but when you open that album or look at that photo on the wall, you remember a lot of things that happened around that time?

How you were feeling, how your child was cranky, what made her laugh, what was important to her, why that location was special, what we did after, how we prepared, what we did while we were waiting for the photographer and so on.

A single image can let you relive your past.  That moment will last forever  You could argue any image will do but there's something special about a professional photo.  How the subject pop in beautiful color and the background disappearing just to let the child stand out.  The perfect moment that capture the smile or even the inquisitive turn and etc.

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Photo session can be as special and personal as you want it to be.  Don't delay as today will pass when tomorrow comes.

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New Website New Name New Photos and New START :: Yangon Portrait Photographer::

Whoa!  That's a lot of "new"s.  I can't believe I've finally finalized on the new look of my photography business.  This has been on my mind for so long but I was always afraid of dedicating the time and the commitment to my business side of photography.

However, I am 90% finished!  Thank you LORD!!!!

I still have many photos to upload, links to tidy up, business names to change on the rest of the online/print world, update business cards, hopefully add on my testimonials from my past and current clients.

I am SUPER DUPER excited with the new look.  Searching for a new look, I loved girly, playful  colorful ways others had showcased the front of their business, but I kept coming back to black and white and clean look.  I just liked the way my photos popped out of this color scheme. 

I hope this calls you back as well.  I will continuously develop myself, my skills, and my vision to serve my clients!

haha, please do let me know what kind of things you'd like to see on my blog.  If I have no specific requests, I will probably just ramble on about what amazing clients I have and the beautiful pictures they created with me!  =)

Just for the kick of it, here's a BEFORE picture of my business web page... please don't laugh tooooo HARD...

It's good to remind yourself where you started from.  =)

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Oh gosh..  The only thing awesome about the old website is the picture of me and my son.  I 

Oh gosh..  The only thing awesome about the old website is the picture of me and my son.  I 

Moment | Children Photographer Yangon

Oh gosh why is it so difficult choosing a photo for a contest! 


I really love this one.

Love the sweet model and the glowing light around her!

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Photo Challenge Submission

M & E in the Garden | Yangon Children Photographer

Couple of weeks ago, I got to take some photos of this sibling!  

Aren't they the sweetest?

The light wasn't too bad either.  

it was getting hot but the kids were having too much fun to notice!

This location is about 15 minutes from downtown Rangoon.

Great for kids to just run about.

What are you waiting for?  Call me so we can get just as beautiful photos for your children~

12 photos total.

please re-load if you don't see them all.

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Foster Puppies in Yangon Myanmar

Here are the photos of our beautiful foster puppies!  Please please do consider adoption these beautiful pups!

The first one is Striker.  Our kids named it after a favorite character from a TV show.  Do you know which one that might be??  Striker is very tame and very loyal.  She will follow you and listen to you.  She will come running to you when you call him.  She's quite easy to train.  She will absolutely adore you!!!

This one is Caramel.  She is a leader.  She is an adventurer. She also loves to play and get a lot of attention.
You will love her and she will give you so much love!! 

Outdoor Babies: Yangon Photographer

Oh gosh, it's been quite chaotic in our house for the past week.
If you were following on the facebook page, you know we have two new puppies from the Yangon Animal Shelter that we decided to foster.

My kids are getting adjusted to walking the pups, being responsible for picking up what the pups leave behind.  The pups are keeping my kids outside which I absolutely love!

The weather has been beautiful here in Yangon.  It hasn't rained much for the past week.  Absolutely perfect for our pups and my kids to run outside and enjoy.

Here are a few shots I've taken when I joined them for a late afternoon stroll outside.

7 photos total (please refresh if you don't see all)
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Pink: Yangon Myanmar Photographer

My daughter loves to alert me of beautiful sunsets that she can see outside her window for photo opportunities!
Here's one of those days.  The colors of the sunset was just absolutely amazing.
Of course, it is intensified a bit here but we both appreciated it together so much~
I think she loves to see me rush out with my camera, obviously, taking her notice seriously.

This is my pink challenge photo for I heart Faces~  The Pink theme is to honor the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   Please go check out other awesome submissions as well~

Seoul, Korea - Layover

When we left our home country past July, we were on a 48 hour journey to Yangon.  A lot of transfers and lay overs.  We had three kids who were tired from all the airports walking in dim lights and lacking sleep. The best part of the whole trip though was our lay over in Seoul, Korea.  We had a quite pleasant experience during our over night lay over in Seoul, Korea.

Korea offers free transit tour to those who are just stopping by before heading to final destination.  There are several different options.  The one we went on was a six hour tour that left early in the morning and came back after lunch.  Six hours includes transportation and lunch.  It only cost us 10,000 won which is somewhat equivalent to $10.  This covered the lunch and the entry fee to the Palace.

The tour bus, plush and comfortable with full AC and buckles.  They call this the "limousine" bus.  The guide spoke English and was very friendly.  She gave us plenty of information as she took us around each stop.  We visited three in total.  She purchased the entry for the palace visit on our behalf and was quite efficient in getting us everywhere we needed to.

We visited three different sites.  First was the Cheong Gye Chon, which is a newly renovated and opened creek in the middle of the city.  Then we visited the Geong Bok Gung Palace.  We made it in time for the Royal procession.  Last we stopped at In Sa Dong for some lunch.  We ran out of time to walk around a bit but it's a real nice place with a lot of cultural products like dolls dressed in korean outfits and Korean art.

All this took only six hours!  I really enjoyed having a FREE guide and FREE transportation.  haha

Please check it out here for details.   This is the tour we did, I think. I know there are prices for not Transit-ers but that's not the amount you pay if you are in-transit.  Definitely worth looking into!

Enjoy the pictures - 12 total~