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Baby Shower : Le Planteur Restaurnt & Bar : Yangon Event Photographer

My client, who I had already done a portrait session for her children, asked me to photograph her friend's baby shower.  I normally don't do event photography but I couldn't say no to my FABULOUS client.  =)  Anyway, I am so glad I went because photographing this bunch of beautiful ladies was soooo fun!!!!  The decor AMAZING!  My client and her sister planned and decorated this amazing baby shower at the Le Planteur Restaurant & Bar! Love and congrats in the air with amazing food.  Wishing the best for the mommy to be for a baby boy~@@@===

So pretty, blue, and airy.  Loved the decor!!!!

So pretty, blue, and airy.  Loved the decor!!!!

Is it fair to be so beautifully pregnant?? She GLOWS!

Is it fair to be so beautifully pregnant?? She GLOWS!

Just get them in flowing dresses and a fan and we got a vogue cover right here!

Just get them in flowing dresses and a fan and we got a vogue cover right here!

Moment | Children Photographer Yangon

Oh gosh why is it so difficult choosing a photo for a contest! 


I really love this one.

Love the sweet model and the glowing light around her!

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Faces of 2013 | Yangon Expat Photographer

Oh gosh how can I sum up the 2013?

I love my job as a photographer.

I really do working with my clients and provide them my best of the best!

But most of all, the best job in this world is being a mom to these three.

for me the faces of the 2013 is none other then these!

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Sisters in Yangon | Children Photography

I heard laughter and I heard giggles.

These girls never stopped jumping, acting and smiling.

So energetic with so much happiness and it shows in the photos!

Can you see the Yangon landmarks?  What an amazing way to remember your time spent here in this host country, Burma (or Myanmar), that will be remember by you only in pictures.



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There are 8 photos total. Enjoy~

M & E in the Garden | Yangon Children Photographer

Couple of weeks ago, I got to take some photos of this sibling!  

Aren't they the sweetest?

The light wasn't too bad either.  

it was getting hot but the kids were having too much fun to notice!

This location is about 15 minutes from downtown Rangoon.

Great for kids to just run about.

What are you waiting for?  Call me so we can get just as beautiful photos for your children~

12 photos total.

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Foster Puppies in Yangon Myanmar

Here are the photos of our beautiful foster puppies!  Please please do consider adoption these beautiful pups!

The first one is Striker.  Our kids named it after a favorite character from a TV show.  Do you know which one that might be??  Striker is very tame and very loyal.  She will follow you and listen to you.  She will come running to you when you call him.  She's quite easy to train.  She will absolutely adore you!!!

This one is Caramel.  She is a leader.  She is an adventurer. She also loves to play and get a lot of attention.
You will love her and she will give you so much love!! 

Pomelo, Yangon: in and around Myanmar

I wrote about Helping Hands last month (see the post


) and I mentioned that I would love to stop by the shop that houses non-profit entities for retail venue.

Well, I did just that!  I got to visit Pomelo~  =)

Wow, so many creative minds are behind this project.  You can read more about it on the Pomelo


but I was quite impressed how these ladies, who are mostly expats, are so dedicated to help the people in Myanmar.  All the expats working there are volunteers.  They do not get paid a cent!  not one Kyats (equivalent to .001 dollar)

All the money goes back to materials and mostly the locals for their housing, medical and other needs.

I 100% recommend this place.  Very creative and beautiful things there.  The photos were from last week, but I visited again this week and saw some cool new things, such as a cover for a balloon!  I also got somethings for my daughter which I hope to use in a photo shoot tomorrow...   =)  please no rain...

Here are some snippets of the shop~

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Oh and here is a photo of a few of the ladies who I accompanied to Pomelo~

Social Opportunities in Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma)

I'm meeting people, people!

So I met up with a few adventurous and brave ladies who are not afraid to call upon few strangers to start a group.  This group go out and see, learn and experience Myanmar culture.  I'm so excited!

I helped create a facebook page and a group.  Please check it out here and don't forget to like it for more activities coming up.  Please do join us everyone is welcome!

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Here are some photos of my kids on this beautiful day.
I don't think it's such a great idea to be out in the open like this though...  if you had a choice.

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