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Baby Shower : Le Planteur Restaurnt & Bar : Yangon Event Photographer

My client, who I had already done a portrait session for her children, asked me to photograph her friend's baby shower.  I normally don't do event photography but I couldn't say no to my FABULOUS client.  =)  Anyway, I am so glad I went because photographing this bunch of beautiful ladies was soooo fun!!!!  The decor AMAZING!  My client and her sister planned and decorated this amazing baby shower at the Le Planteur Restaurant & Bar! Love and congrats in the air with amazing food.  Wishing the best for the mommy to be for a baby boy~@@@===

So pretty, blue, and airy.  Loved the decor!!!!

So pretty, blue, and airy.  Loved the decor!!!!

Is it fair to be so beautifully pregnant?? She GLOWS!

Is it fair to be so beautifully pregnant?? She GLOWS!

Just get them in flowing dresses and a fan and we got a vogue cover right here!

Just get them in flowing dresses and a fan and we got a vogue cover right here!

M & E in the Garden | Yangon Children Photographer

Couple of weeks ago, I got to take some photos of this sibling!  

Aren't they the sweetest?

The light wasn't too bad either.  

it was getting hot but the kids were having too much fun to notice!

This location is about 15 minutes from downtown Rangoon.

Great for kids to just run about.

What are you waiting for?  Call me so we can get just as beautiful photos for your children~

12 photos total.

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Valentines Day Special

Valentines Day Special Event is going on~!!!!

Valentines Day is coming around in a month.

Flowers are lovely but will fade after a week at most.

How about something that will last a bit longer.  a lot longer.
Let me capture portraits of your beautiful wife, husband, family or children.
Of course, let me not exclude you love birds, Girl friends and boy friends~!

I am offering a mini sessions that will last 20 minutes.
It sounds short but plenty enough to get beautiful portraits.

You can choose 5 portraits for your CD.
They are great to use for cards, send to your loved ones, and print for your home.

These are the dates, time and location:

S & S Family Portrait - Hong Kong Photographer

This family was so down to earth and so laid back.
It made working with them that much easier.
We were at a beautiful location with perfect light!
Open space for little L to run around.
Though I tried to sneak in a picture while she had her rest time.

Thank you for letting me photograph you~

7 photos attached (please refresh if you cannot view)

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Baby M Portrait : Hong Kong Photography

It's been a crazy two weeks.  I am soooooo behind in posting all the photos!  Thank you for being so patient with me.

Daddy M was amazing. He knew how to soothe her and calm her.  Mommy T was so calm and in peace.  I know it can get quiet chaotic with a new baby in the house.  But this family was calm calm calm!

Without more delay here is Baby M!

There are total of 7 pictures.  Please do refresh if you don't see them all.
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S & A Korea Family Portrait

I have been in Korea for the past two weeks and am thoroughly enjoying the hot, spicy, sweet and tangy Korean food~  Yummm...

I also had the privilege of shooting a photo shoot for this little guy who turned one!  He's such a happy chubby baby who knows what he wants~  This family happens to be my couz~  Aren't they the sweetest?

There were so many that were my favorites from the shoot but I'll only post a few...  The location was AMAZING!!

Heather & Glen - Baby Shower

How excited I was to go to an event where I was not invited as a guest!

That might not sounds not right...  But I was thrilled that I was able to capture these friends bonding and celebrating the special time together for Heather and Glen.

Hope I was able to capture the feeling of the moment!