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Tweens | Yangon, Myanmar Premier Photographer

I love this expatriate life with my children.  They get to experience and live among children they would normally not have been able to meet if they were back "home." They have friends in Egypt, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the list goes on.  The world is really one for them as long as we have the internet.  =)  But the downside of this expatriate life is that most of their friends are expatriates as well and they leave when it's time for their family to move on.  When their friends leave, there's a void in my children's hearts.  It takes time to heal.  It's quite painful when it happens.  But they survive.  Heartaches heal.  It takes time.  But they make new friends.  They long for their old friends but are glad to have met new ones.  

This set of photographs are of my daughter and her new friend.  It helps too that her friend is so friendly and behaves as if she's been there all along!  haha I'm hoping my kids pick up this manner so that when we move to a new place, it's not too difficult for them to integrate into the community.  

We love this life, with all the heartaches and all.  


Welcome to all my readers!  It's 2015 and we are starting new on my new website!  I hope will come back for more beautiful photos and stories~

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Overlooking Inya Lake, Yangon Myanmar.. amazing sunset as usual.  

Overlooking Inya Lake, Yangon Myanmar.. amazing sunset as usual.  

Moment | Children Photographer Yangon

Oh gosh why is it so difficult choosing a photo for a contest! 


I really love this one.

Love the sweet model and the glowing light around her!

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Photo Challenge Submission

Faces of 2013 | Yangon Expat Photographer

Oh gosh how can I sum up the 2013?

I love my job as a photographer.

I really do working with my clients and provide them my best of the best!

But most of all, the best job in this world is being a mom to these three.

for me the faces of the 2013 is none other then these!

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Sisters in Yangon | Children Photography

I heard laughter and I heard giggles.

These girls never stopped jumping, acting and smiling.

So energetic with so much happiness and it shows in the photos!

Can you see the Yangon landmarks?  What an amazing way to remember your time spent here in this host country, Burma (or Myanmar), that will be remember by you only in pictures.



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There are 8 photos total. Enjoy~

M & E in the Garden | Yangon Children Photographer

Couple of weeks ago, I got to take some photos of this sibling!  

Aren't they the sweetest?

The light wasn't too bad either.  

it was getting hot but the kids were having too much fun to notice!

This location is about 15 minutes from downtown Rangoon.

Great for kids to just run about.

What are you waiting for?  Call me so we can get just as beautiful photos for your children~

12 photos total.

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Foster Puppies in Yangon Myanmar

Here are the photos of our beautiful foster puppies!  Please please do consider adoption these beautiful pups!

The first one is Striker.  Our kids named it after a favorite character from a TV show.  Do you know which one that might be??  Striker is very tame and very loyal.  She will follow you and listen to you.  She will come running to you when you call him.  She's quite easy to train.  She will absolutely adore you!!!

This one is Caramel.  She is a leader.  She is an adventurer. She also loves to play and get a lot of attention.
You will love her and she will give you so much love!! 

Outdoor Babies: Yangon Photographer

Oh gosh, it's been quite chaotic in our house for the past week.
If you were following on the facebook page, you know we have two new puppies from the Yangon Animal Shelter that we decided to foster.

My kids are getting adjusted to walking the pups, being responsible for picking up what the pups leave behind.  The pups are keeping my kids outside which I absolutely love!

The weather has been beautiful here in Yangon.  It hasn't rained much for the past week.  Absolutely perfect for our pups and my kids to run outside and enjoy.

Here are a few shots I've taken when I joined them for a late afternoon stroll outside.

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