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Tweens | Yangon, Myanmar Premier Photographer

I love this expatriate life with my children.  They get to experience and live among children they would normally not have been able to meet if they were back "home." They have friends in Egypt, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the list goes on.  The world is really one for them as long as we have the internet.  =)  But the downside of this expatriate life is that most of their friends are expatriates as well and they leave when it's time for their family to move on.  When their friends leave, there's a void in my children's hearts.  It takes time to heal.  It's quite painful when it happens.  But they survive.  Heartaches heal.  It takes time.  But they make new friends.  They long for their old friends but are glad to have met new ones.  

This set of photographs are of my daughter and her new friend.  It helps too that her friend is so friendly and behaves as if she's been there all along!  haha I'm hoping my kids pick up this manner so that when we move to a new place, it's not too difficult for them to integrate into the community.  

We love this life, with all the heartaches and all.  

New Website New Name New Photos and New START :: Yangon Portrait Photographer::

Whoa!  That's a lot of "new"s.  I can't believe I've finally finalized on the new look of my photography business.  This has been on my mind for so long but I was always afraid of dedicating the time and the commitment to my business side of photography.

However, I am 90% finished!  Thank you LORD!!!!

I still have many photos to upload, links to tidy up, business names to change on the rest of the online/print world, update business cards, hopefully add on my testimonials from my past and current clients.

I am SUPER DUPER excited with the new look.  Searching for a new look, I loved girly, playful  colorful ways others had showcased the front of their business, but I kept coming back to black and white and clean look.  I just liked the way my photos popped out of this color scheme. 

I hope this calls you back as well.  I will continuously develop myself, my skills, and my vision to serve my clients!

haha, please do let me know what kind of things you'd like to see on my blog.  If I have no specific requests, I will probably just ramble on about what amazing clients I have and the beautiful pictures they created with me!  =)

Just for the kick of it, here's a BEFORE picture of my business web page... please don't laugh tooooo HARD...

It's good to remind yourself where you started from.  =)

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Oh gosh..  The only thing awesome about the old website is the picture of me and my son.  I 

Oh gosh..  The only thing awesome about the old website is the picture of me and my son.  I 


Welcome to all my readers!  It's 2015 and we are starting new on my new website!  I hope will come back for more beautiful photos and stories~

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Overlooking Inya Lake, Yangon Myanmar.. amazing sunset as usual.  

Overlooking Inya Lake, Yangon Myanmar.. amazing sunset as usual.